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The Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Program (TCUV) aims to guarantee that a used Toyota vehicle meets the standard Toyota Certified Used Vehicle requirements specified by Toyota Motor Philippines.

Contact Us
TCUV: (046) 481-0082
Facsimile: (02) 529-8146
Trunkline: (632) 581-6000

Before a Used unit can be tagged as "Toyota Certified," it must first go through a rigorous testing process. Besides undergoing a thorough 203-point inspection process, the vehicle is examined with the latest and most advanced technology by the company's authorized assessors who have undergone extensive training under a Toyota Motor Corporation Specialist. Lastly, these vehicles are checked and conditioned by highly trained dealer technicians and comes with one year limited warranty for the customer's peace of mind.

Instructions for Download:

  1. Click on the PDF file.
  2. Fill up all blank spaces as much as possible. This will help us know more about you, your current vehicle and your next purchase.
  3. Fax the completed Customer Profile Sheet to Kenn Julius Keh at (02) 529-8146 or email scanned copy to
  4. For phone and web inquiries, price ranges will be given. This is only an indicative of a vehicle's value at the assumption that it is at excellent running condition, has un-tampered, normal-run mileage.
  5. Final trade-in price will depend on actual inspection results.